Growth AI helps marketers focus on the right opportunities

Marketers today have plenty of data. With hundreds of tools and dozens of marketing channels, what we lack is time to act upon it all. Growth AI sifts through all of your marketing data to identify the opportunities most likely to drive real business growth. For each opportunity, choose to do it yourself or delegate to a specialist who can complete the task for you.

  • What data do you monitor?

    Currently we’re collecting search engine rankings, social shares, links, mentions, top content, and influencers from best-in-class marketing software like Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SharedCount, with more coming soon. You don’t need your own subscription to those tools since we’re buying the data through their APIs.

  • How much does it cost?

    The first 1,000 signups get 1 Growth Opportunity / day totally free, no credit card required. Upgrade to a Pro subscription to receive additional Opportunities, or delegate Opportunities to our hand-picked marketing experts with a Full Service plan starting at $35/ hr.

  • What is a marketing AI?

    Imagine you’ve hired a new intern who works 24/7 for no salary, constantly checking what’s going on in your various marketing tools, on the web, and social media. Anytime he spots something he thinks you might find interesting, he brings you a fresh coffee and lets you know. Our Marketing AI is kind of like that (except it can’t refill your coffee).

  • How does Growth AI save me time?

    Using analysis strategies borrowed from successful growth hackers, Growth AI first generates hundreds of potential Growth Opportunities, which are scored and filtered by difficulty and value potential. Finally, our proprietary matching algorithm recommends specialists best suited to helping with each task, so you can delegate with just one click.

Content ideas

Social media is buzzing about the latest industry news, but you’ve yet to chime in.

Influencer outreach

A journalist just wrote about your competitor but didn’t mention you.

Relevant discussions

A Quora user is asking for help with the problem your product solves.

SEO Improvements

You could be ranking better with these 3 small tweaks.

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Get 1 new actionable growth opportunity per day

free forever*

*Free forever for the first 1,000 signups, then $49/ month

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websites crunched down to
  • We’ve helped our customers reduce their marketing data overload by 99.9425%
  • Customers completing > 3 Opportunities averaged 12% increase in ranking
  • Customers completing > 10 Opportunities averaged 40% increase

“If it feels like there’s never enough time in the day for your marketing to do’s, you need Growth AI”

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How does it work?

First step
Set marketing goals

Tell Growth AI a bit about your marketing goals so it can begin learning what drives growth for you and your competitors

Second step
Prioritize opportunities

Growth AI monitors your marketing data and identifies the opportunities most likely to grow your traffic and revenue

Third step
Get expert help

For each opportunity Growth AI recommends a specialist who can complete the task for you at a reasonable cost

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Once more, with feeling

With each completed action, Growth AI learns more about what works best for your website

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About Growth AI

Growth AI is the next evolution of a data collection, processing, and analysis engine that we first started developing in 2010. The same analytics engine is used to power CanIRank, the first SEO software designed to deliver actions rather than data. Research shows CanIRank is over twice as accurate as legacy SEO tools. The second iteration of our analytics engine powered Pretarget, a lead scoring solution for the web services industry. Each of these endeavors share in common a belief in the power of machine learning to tame complexity and data overload to deliver actionable insights and recommendations to make online marketing more effective.

Our team consists of marketing experts, data geeks, Stanford & Berkeley-trained engineers, and passionate pixel-pushers. You may have seen our Founder Matt Bentley speaking at a conference like Internet World, Search Engine Strategies, or Predictive Analytics World, or interviewed in Forbes, CNET, or the Wall Street Journal (but probably not, unless you’re as geeky as we are). Headquartered in San Francisco, our team hails from from Seattle, San Diego, London, Wroclaw, and Ottawa. When not delighting in massively multidimensional data mining, you might find us climbing walls in Yosemite, sailing on the San Francisco bay, or queuing up for Pliny the Younger.